Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia
English Paper 1 (1119/1)
Tips on Directed Writing

PAPER 1 of the SPM English 1119 comprises two questions: directed writing and continuous writing.This paper carries a significant portion of the marks for the whole English paper and also tests the more difficult skill of writing.

The focus of this website is to prepare candidates on how to write directed writing. A total of 35 marks are allocated for this question (normally being the first question for this paper) – 15 marks for content (which include marks for format) and 20 marks for language.

Students do not have the luxury of choice, as compared to which they are given in the continuous writing section.

This question is manageable and easy to do because:
 1. Students do not have to worry about content as points are provided.
 2. Students can actually score full marks for content, and even format, if they have
     been taught the format for different text types.

 3. This question does not make excessive linguistic demands, unlike the continuous
      writing question.

 4. The question usually revolves round the experiences of students.
 5. Teachers and students are usually able to predict the type of question that might
     appear by analysing questions asked in previous years.

To prepare you further, this website offers guidelines to directed writing, followed by common pitfalls in directed writing. Types of directed writing will help you to familiarise yourself with the different types of directed writing that will be tested in SPM English Paper 1. The sample test section provides you with several test papers that follows exactly like the examination paper for SPM English Paper 1.

Hope this site provide sufficient help for you and improve your directed writing.

Good luck!